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By clicking the Submit button below, I acknowledge that I understand and agree to assume all risks involved in any activities that I take part in with the WFCHS and I agree to hold harmless WFCHS for any injury(ies) which I might sustain during the course of my interactions with dogs in WFCHS custody and interacting with cats and fostering animals. This waiver applies to me as well as my family members and descendants who are forever precluded from any legal action whatsoever against the WFCHS and/or its representatives.

There are several ways you can participate in the activities and mission of WFCHS. We are in continuous need of responsible, loving individuals for adopting, fostering, and volunteering. You can apply for any or all of these on this page. We look forward to hearing from you!



ADOPTIONS: If you would like to adopt an animal, please click here to visit our page to see the animals currently available for adoption. Please click here to download the WFCHS adoption application form. 

FOSTERING: If you would like to be a foster care provider, please click here to review our foster care program and associated policies and procedures. Please click here to download the WFCHS foster care application form. 

VOLUNTEERING: If you would like to volunteer to help with tasks such as walking dogs, maintenance and cleanup, helping with WFCHS dog washes and other events, etc. please click here to download the WFCHS volunteer form. You can also apply online by filling out and submitting the below form. 


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