The Western Fremont County Humane Society is committed to the health and welfare of all animals. We seek to inform, inspire, and assist people to responsibly care for their pets and to treat them with kindness.

For over 25 years we have been serving the needs of animals and owners in the Dubois and Crowheart areas. Our volunteers provide foster homes for pets in need and keep shelves of cat and dog food available at the Community Food Bank (donations always welcome). We have built and maintain the new Gizmo’s Dog Park at 26 Gilliland Avenue, east of town, using part of a bequest left by Rick Schwinn, Gizmo’s owner. The facility includes a livestock shelter and corral as well as walking trails bordering the colorful Dubois Badlands.

Working with several Fremont County veterinarians we do all we can to save lives as well as spay and neuter those waiting to be adopted. Animal medical cost sharing with Western Fremont County residents is provided through applications available on this website or at Dubois Town Hall. The feral cat Trap, Fix and Return program is ongoing work – saving lives and avoiding unwanted kittens.


Regularly published ads in the local press and our Petfinder page help us find forever homes for all the animals in our care. In the warmer months we sponsor events such as the vaccination clinic with East Fork Veterinary Clinic, the dog washes, and the Strutt Your Mutt Fun Dog Match. 

Video about WFCHS created by Kendra Leseburg. 

"My family had such fun at Strutt  your Mutt! Thanks for all your hard work throughout the year to benefit the pets of our area."

WFCHS board members and volunteers at one of the 2019 summer dog washes held at St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Dubois. 



Making A Difference in the Lives of Animals


Happy Ending

A sheriff’s deputy called about a two dogs who had shown up in the Bull Creek area and appeared lost. It was possible that they wandered over from the rest stop, which is a few miles down the road. A kind man fed and watered them and called around to find the owner. Since he could not keep them, WFCHS drove down and brought them to Dubois. We took photos and called around until we found the owner near Diversion Dam. The momma dog had six puppies and they are now happily reunited. This happened co-incidentally on National Dog Day. So it was a team effort and we are delighted this story had a happy ending!

Meet Velvet

She was so damaged when she was brought to us, it was like seeing a puzzle put back together. In our rescuer's words: “This poor sweet little gal was found last fall along the highway near Crowheart. She was a mangled little cat; broken tail, shattered pelvis among numerous other injuries. I took her to two vets and WFCHS spent copious funds to save her life. She is a little fighter and she made it through (only minus her tail) to find a wonderful loving home!” Our thanks always to Gail, and all those who have given our critters Forever Homes.

In Like Flynn

Before his adoption by Justin and Jamie Allison, Flynn had been fostered by WFCHS Board member, Beth Walsh. “When Flynn was first fostered he was a very scared and shy dog. He was fearful of everything and everybody. He was afraid of mirrors, thresholds, fast movement, almost everything. After several months of rebuilding his confidence and trust, Justin and Jamie came along ,and they are the perfect fit for this sweet boy. They had the patience it took to help him get over some of his fears and saw his potential of being a great dog.” We are so grateful to them for going the distance with Flynn. 

Dog wash on the lawn of St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Dubois in June 2019.


Volunteers and board members of the WFCHS help to wash local dogs as a benefit to the community. 

It was a warm day so everyone, including the dogs, had a good time!



“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see”

Mark Twain


Please make your check payable to WFCHS and mail to PO Box 1198, Dubois, WY 82513. 

WFCHS is a registered charitable organization. Your donation is tax-deductible. 


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